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Core Values

Our firm is built on a few key premises that are essential to the services we provide.

  • Investment planning is a means for clarifying family goals, identifying priorities, and providing a clear course of action.

  • Independent, unbiased advice can make a difference in our clients' lives - and is essential for our client's success. Our client comes first.

  • The interests of the client and the advisor must be aligned. We achieve this through a fee-based relationship and a genuine interest in working toward achieving each client's goals.

  • Diversifying asset classes*, investment managers and strategies can help smooth the investment "ride". No strategy assures success or guarantees against loss.

  • The strategies we provide are cost effective and specific to each client's needs and goals. We are committed to providing investments and services that are appropriate for each client's needs.

  • The information we provide must be timely and must matter.

  • Education is essential for clients to make decisions they can live with for the long term.

  • The world is an increasingly complicated place. An advisor must be engaged actively in ongoing learning because the financial world experiences fast-paced changes.